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dating Archives - Michelle A. Roberts, M.A.

How Do You Attract The Right Person?

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I am often asked how can I attract the right person in my life and what am I doing wrong, where are the good women or men hiding. The truth is they are not hiding and you just need to do a little work. What kind of complaints do I most often hear? I’d like to start by saying that the amount of people on our planet earth who are single continue to surprise me….

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How To Spring Into Dating After The Winter Blues

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The weather is finally breaking and maybe you have been in a winter funk, it’s time to dust off that winter blues and get yourself together to launch out into Spring and even Summer dating. We have all experienced this or know of someone who just seemed to take a Winter Sabbatical and went into hibernation like some of the bears do in the cold winter days. Although any season you can have dating success and great relationships the…

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