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Michelle A. Roberts specializes in training and encouraging Women that they are overcomers, and can comeback from any challenge.
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How Failed Relationships Lead You To The Right Person

After being married for over 19 years it was pretty dramatic being back in the dating field. But, hey, you either sink or swim. I have tried every type of dating: online, offline, blind dates, friend hook ups, guys from the church etc. Lessons I have learned from 2006 to the present have definitely been because of failed relationships. These are some of the important lessons I keep in mind: 1. Don’t take anything at…

Flirting After 40: Top 7 Tips

Well you have finally gotten the nerve to get out the house, and out of your comfort zone and you talk to your friends and they tell you , you need to learn how to flirt well I have some excellent tips to help you in the process. No one, can resist a great smile, it helps the person know that you are inviting and that you like them. When you smile, everyone else around…

Tips for Creating a Vision Board

Tips for Creating a Vision Board A vision board, sometimes known as a dream board, consists of a collection of images that help you visualize the things you wish to manifest in your life. These can be material things, such as a home or a car, or situations, such as a dream job or relationship. Here are tips to help you create and use your vision board. 1.      Consider what you wish to use to mount your images.…
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