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How Do You Attract The Right Person?

By September 3, 2017 No Comments

I am often asked how can I attract the right person in my life and what am I doing wrong, where are the good women or men hiding. The truth is they are not hiding and you just need to do a little work.

What kind of complaints do I most often hear?

I’d like to start by saying that the amount of people on our planet earth who are single continue to surprise me. Having said that, the thing I hear people saying most often about attracting their ideal mate is that it’s difficult and that there are no ‘good’ men or women left, or that people keep attracting the same kinds of dates! Bad ones!!

People complain that all the ‘good’ men and women are already taken or that their dating experiences are horrible. Of course, in my opinion those not getting their ideal relationship or partner has nothing to do with the availability of ‘good’ men or women. It’s all about the vibes they’ve been sending out, I firmly believe what you speak and think alters what you receive and who you meet.

What I suggest singles do to help them attract their ideal partner; is the following: knowing what you didn’t like about a past partner or a past date is very useful to you. You can use this information to help you get clear about the kind of person you do want. For example, if you don’t want someone who works a lot-what do you want? If you don’t want someone who is not a thrill seeker-what do you want? If you don’t want someone who is not interested in football or basketball, or who is not romantic, or not a good listener etc.-what do you want?

Understanding what you don’t want will help you see more clearly about what you do want and becomes your new, clear desire! Notice too, how you feel when you get clear about something. It feels good when we say, “Oh! That’s exactly what I’d like!” And that’s exactly what I will get.

What should people do when they just get home from a horrible date? So, come home from your date…make a list of all the things that you didn’t like about your dating experience and change each item of bad things on your list into another thing that you clearly want.

And then, with the new list (your clear list) add it to the list of the things that you would like in an ideal mate! Now you have a more complete list and THAT’S what you’ll want to give your attention!

If it didn’t feel right on the first date, it usually doesn’t get better, so simply move on to the next date on the list, adding to your list each time. You’ll know when you’ve found your ideal partner and relationship by how it feels!

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Source: http://www.older-dating.co.uk/attract-the-right-person

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