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How to WIN at Dating During the Holidays

By December 3, 2016 No Comments

There will be lots of parties and events and office gatherings. This is an opportunity for meeting new friends and maybe even connecting with old friends and or acquaintances.

The following tips will give you an edge during the holidays and beyond.

1. Be approachable and smile while you are out and about shopping for the holidays, eating, going to the post office and etc.

Dating During Holidays? How to Find the One for You

Wear that smile like a new dress, give a guy or girl the nod of approval and give out your number if asked or your business card to open the door of conversation and possible love connections.

2. Go to the holiday parties. 

Sometimes as a single person, you don’t want to attend the Holiday events, however you should! I have met some of my greatest love connections at Holiday events. Between office parties, social gatherings and family functions, there are endless opportunities to dress up and celebrate. When you’re dressed to the nines, you often feel your best. Let this confidence radiate and perhaps you’ll attract a new mate!

3. People love to give back during the holidays so if you are not already doing this, volunteer.

Choose activities all throughout your city. The holiday season is certainly the season of giving and what better way to give back than to lend a hand to a cause or organization close to your heart? Helping others is a surefire way to make a difference and meet like-minded people. Who knows, you might meet someone looking for your big heart.

4. Get out of town and travel, shake things up a bit.

There have been several online dating sites that said people say they would start a relationship with someone they met while on vacation. Spend some time out of townand keep your eyes open. After all, love knows no borders.

5. Have a positive outlook despite what you think.

Having a positive outlook during the holidays even if you’re not dating someone is a really powerful practice. Typically, when you’re positive and sincere, you attract harmonious surroundings and attractive people (inside and out). Putting this kind of positive energy into the air can sometimes manifest into flirtatious eye contact, a phone number exchange and if you’re really lucky, and the holiday punch is really good… you may even get a little mistletoe love and kiss at midnight.

6. Get out of the drive through line and go inside for coffee and meals.

Believe it or not, hanging out at a Starbucks or any coffee or sandwich shop is a great place to meet someone during the holiday season. Everyone is feeling warm and cozy as they settle into the crowded intimate setting to sip their warm beverage and or eat. What a great opportunity to do a little innocent flirting and spark some “sweet” conversation.

Holidays are beautiful time of the year if you make it that way for yourself and others. Could it be better if you’re sharing it with a special sweetheart? Sure it can. The above tips will assist you in being ready for dating and meeting that possible love connection during the holiday season.

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